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Is this just a Larchmont project? How does this connect to other New York State communities?

The collection indexes all of the photographs in Soldiers of the Great War for communities in New York State. Put the name of your community into the search tool and see whether names come up.

Soldiers are listed on our memorials but they don’t come up in the collection. Why can this happen?

A common reason is that when the book was published, the authors were not able to find a picture of the deceased soldier.

Another reason is that many of the soldiers are listed as residing in the community that they enlisted in rather than the community they actually resided in. For example, Larchmont’s Harry Dudley is listed as residing in New York City because that was where he enlisted.

Explain about the Soldiers of the Great War project in the 1920s.

A good explanation of the original project in 1920 comes from the authors’ Introduction. Click here to read the

Why did the Larchmont Historical Society do this?

There are 11 other states where the collection has been digitized and posted online. Since New York was not yet among the states, Ned Benton decided to undertake the project. For links to the other 11 states, click here:

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